Packaged as a pair, our inexpensive flag bungees are the safest method of attaching your flags to our telescopic windsock display poles. Our Flag Bungees are designed specifically to grip the pole with the minimum safe load and help prevent crushing the pole as some other flag attachment methods may. Warning: Do not tie a flag to the topmost part of the pole, this is for attaching windsocks and this thin whip will break in the wind with a flag attached. Always move the flag down to the shoulder of the join of the top section and the 2nd from top.


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PLEASE NOTE. When using these flag bungees with a windsock display pole always attach the flag to the 2nd section down from the top. 

The thin whip end has an eye on the end, this is for a windsock, do not attach flags to this section as it will snap in the wind with a flag on.