Our compact fibreglass poles are great for temporary displays of windsocks, flags and banners The assembly consists of 7 telescopic sections. Material: Fibreglass Compact Length: 115cm Extended Length: 7 Metres To assemble: Remove the rubber bung from the top of the pole (keep it somewhere safe), gently tilt the pole until the sections inside begin to appear. Locate the smallest section with the metal ring on top and start pulling this section out. As the pole is telescopic each section will be pulled out by the one above it. When you get to a join pull it tight and give it a little twist to secure it, when the pole is at full length you can attach your windsock or flag. PLEASE NOTE. Always attach the flag to the 2nd section down from the top. The thin whip end has an eye on the end, this is for a windsock, do not attach flags to this section as it will snap in the wind with a flag on. Now knock your ground stake into the soft ground with a rubber mallet until it is firmly secured, unscrew the cap from of the base of the pole (keep it somewhere safe) and simply place over the top of the stake. CAUTION: To collapse the pole always drop the largest section first, (the reverse of assembly) otherwise the tip section may jam between the larger sections.


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The 7m Brookite Telescopic Display Pole is the perfect accessory for displaying windsocks and banners. This telescopic pole extends to a length of 7 meters, allowing you to easily elevate your display to catch the attention of passers by. The pole is made from durable materials that can withstand various weather conditions, ensuring that your windsock or banner stays securely in place. With its lightweight and compact design, this telescopic pole is easy to transport and set up, making it ideal for outdoor events, festivals, and campsites. Enhance your display with the 7m Brookite Telescopic Display Pole!